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searching for a specific manga

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heyo !

my girlfriend asked me to post here ,because she's desperatly trying to find the title of a manga someone recommended her some time ago.

basically it's the story of a girl who's into coma and has access to something like a vast dream , in wich she can see dead / in coma people.  when she get out of this coma, she still see those dead or unconsious peoples in her dreams . also , my girlfriend told me that there was prolly a reference to this japanese dog who waited his human in front of the hospital for ten year when he died (was it hachiko? i dont remember well ^^ )

anyway , if someone could help me finding this, it'll be really nice :Chocola:

have a great day ya'll , and thanks for the attention

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I flipped through every single manga with the "coma" tag on manga updates but did not find anything matching your description (girl in a coma who sees dead people). Closest I could find was this series called Yamamoto Zenjirou to Moushimasu (girl who sees dead people) and this one-shot called Yumenara Samenaide (girl gets into a comma and wake s up 10 years later, no mention of seeing dead people though) and even then they're still pretty different from what you're looking for (at least from the synopsis). I've asked in the /r/manga discord but haven't gotten any reply yet.

I also suggest you yourself post in the /r/manga subreddit because that place is usually pretty good at finding series no matter how vague the description.

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