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Hey guys - Sorry not been to active last few weeks been having alot of pc problems and its ongoing in meantime been catching up on some anime on my PS3. Since you guys Play alot of VN's and i feel alot of VN's deal with romance genres i thought id ask a Favor.

wonder if sum one can help suggest me some anime's.

I'm after a Romance anime. although slightly more picky in some terms.

I like romances that to some extent have a happy conclusive ending. i dislike anime that leave you guessing whether Boy gets Girl or not ? it makes me want to cry lol.

also I'm open to most anime, harem, etchi, new, old, serious, funny, Incest, Girl Love ( although i draw the line at boy love :P ).

not to fond of mecha but if you can recommend an amazing love story id be willing to give it a good bash. Also dislike Artie Fartsie Anime :P hard to explain but anime that Uses alot of visual Cue's etc i enjoy nice scenery etc argh lol i cant explain let me give you an anime example - ef - a tale of melodies -

to list some of my fav love stories.

Clannad ( Obviously )


Kaichou Wa Maid Sama

Love Hina

All Key VN's and Anime Aka Kanon etc.


Dusk Maiden of Amnesia

Etc Etc Etc

I love Romance Anime's where the girl is a little dense when it comes to love, she isn't exactly stupid just oblivious to the concept. And a little bit of humour always helps.

I know its kinda asking alot etc but their just guidelines basically to give you an idea of what i like. so I'm open to almost any suggestion even if they don't fit the above stuff exactly.

Thx in advance.


I Need Some Love Story Rec's :P


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Hmm, 5 Centimeters Per Second...

MAL: http://myanimelist.net/anime/1689/Byousoku_5_Centimeter

I think that's something good for the crying soul..

(Even though I haven't watched it, the summary makes me feel so depressed already)

(Though I think it's not that Romancy)

If all else fails,

1. Go to MAL

2. Anime

3. Advanced Search

4. Romance Tag

5. Etc..

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Gosick has a little bit of romance. It's still a good watch and it has a conclusive ending although it is a little rushed.

Spice and Wolf Season I and II. Season III please.

Tonari no Kaibutsu-Kun (Doesn't have a conclusive ending, but the manga that ended recently does.)

Acchi Kochi (More slice of life than anything, but really cute.)

Anything by Shinkai Makoto, the guy who made 5 cm per second.

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5cm/s wasn't very good in my opinion. It felt too disjointed, and tries to come across as deep. Not to mention, its downright depressing for the wrong reasons. In other words, not a good romance. I think I rated it a 6/10.

Edit: The only good Shinkai Makoto work, in my eyes, was Voices of a Distant Star. It's such a simple concept, and yet he pulls it off in a way that makes it a great look at distance in a relationship. Everything else he's done has just been very "meh", but Voices of a Distant Star was absolutely brilliant and by far his best work.

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5cm/s - seen

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! - seen

Rec - seen

i watched maybe 5 episodes of spice and wolf but it didnt strike me as romance anime

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun seems awsome thou :P but Acchi Kochi wins it looks epic.

thx for recs guys feel free to keep em coming i have lots of spare time :P

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If you have a MAL account, or something similar, it might help to post that up. Otherwise, you'll end up with a lot of suggestions you've already seen. Also, ha! You haven't seen Voices of a Distant Star! Go watch it. It's only 30 minutes long, but its great.

i have anime planet not to fond of mal but its not 100% updated


The romance aspect doesn't really kick in until season 2 of Spice and Wolf when it pretty much hits you in the face.

guess i will stick it out till season 2 :P

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Kare Kano is probably the best I have... A very good shoujo adaptation.

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, too.

In those two, they don't spend the whole anime turning around the thing, though.

not to fond of mecha but if you can recommend an amazing love story id be willing to give it a good bash

Eureka Seven!

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Amagami SS

Sakrasou no pet - isn't all romance but I believe it's got enough to be sorted into the romcom genre

I'm guessing you've probably watched/heard of TWGOK. More comedy than anything imo. Still a good watch and has plenty of episodes to keep you busy

Most of the anime I've watched has some romance in it but they're not what looking for I'm pretty sure.

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Kimi ni Todoke, u might probably like this one.

Others that might hit the spot:

Soredemo Machi wa Mawatte Iru


Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu

Bokura ga Ita

These are the only ones i can think off that kinda meet your requirements of "Totally Oblivious to Love" Aside from the ones you previously mentioned, like Kaichou wa Maid Sama Etc. There's plenty other romance ones but its usually the guy he doesn't know about the girls falling in love with him, which is usually the norm nowadays for romance anime it seems. Unless you meant that the girls are Tsundere at least, then you get more options.

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