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regarding eroge sales numbers

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It has recently come to my attention that, in comparison to the earlier months of 2016 and to 2015, there has been A LOT of apparently 'much better' eroge sales. Some other strange things (besides the tv show and life) are a fandisc selling more than the original game and the fact that, since April, there has been at least one title exceeding 20k copies sold every single month of the whole year. If you compare it to 2015, in which only four months had titles exceeding that value, you'll notice that either the eroge market has grown a lot between these two years, or something's off.

Now taking a look at some comments on http://blog.livedoor.jp/twode_perf/, you'll see that it looks like the value of a "point" has changed:

"7. 名無しさん@エロゲ好き 


"10. 名無しさん@エロゲ好き 


"12. 名無しさん@エロゲ好き

※7 ※10

"17. 名無しさん@エロゲ好き





So, to sum things up, I'll continue basing my posts on the supposition that 1 point is more or less 23 units. However, once the yearly sales come out, I believe we can have our definite answer. Then, I'll correct all the other posts in accordance to the new value (I dunno if they will announce the change, but at least it will be possible to know whether it has changed or not). Anyway, we will know when the time comes.

If you have any doubts, please do not PM me, as this is only an alt account. Instead, it would be wiser to try to contact the blog linked above.

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