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I wouldn't worry about ideas or concepts being stolen:


So if I offered to sell you a hundred novel ideas for a buck, would that be a good deal, a fair deal, or a lousy deal?

It would be a lousy deal. Trust me on this one. I can come up with a hundred usable ideas for novels without breaking a sweat. So can you. So can anyone. Novel ideas aren’t unique, they aren’t rare, they aren’t breathtaking. They are the nitrogen of the idea world—plentiful, everywhere, and only useful if you know what to do with them.

Why do I mention this? Because it will be a rare conversation I have with a beginning writer that doesn’t include within it the question, “How do I keep other people from stealing my ideas?” or “How do I copyright my ideas?”

If you aspire to write novels and you’re worried about protecting your ideas, breathe a deep sigh of relief now. You don’t have to worry anymore. Every idea you’re ever going to have for the writing of your novels has already been written more times than you can count. And will continue to be written long after you and I are dust (if civilization doesn’t blow the planet into oblivion.) And that is fine. Ideas aren’t the engines that make novels run.


It doesn’t matter what idea you have (or take from a published novel, or from a how-to book on writing, or whatever)—the idea is not the core of the novel. You are. You and what you bring to the book you’re writing will be unique, because the characters will come from you, and their reactions, thoughts and feelings will come from you. And nobody can steal that.


Good luck with your novel :) 

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Not wanting to burst your bubble, but don't you have the feeling people are... how to put it - slightly bored with the common high school setting? You said you're afraid things are going to be stolen from your team, but the sort of premise you gave is literally what makes 90% of japanese vn's, so where's the "originality" you're afraid of being taken from you so much?

@Darklord Rooke posted a really good excerpt from Holly Lisle's tutorial section on writing. I'd highly recommend reading it to get more insight into your work. It will help you start.

That aside, I have no idea what were you all doing up to this time, but lack of any sort of even a conspect, not to mention a draft of the manuscript so far is slightly worrying, if there's really none (otherwise, you wouldn't propably ask for help here). This is not how you create a vn, unless you're still far from the pre-dev, focused on brainstorming ideas. That said, without any sort of leading traces to stick with, which are usually provided in a story outline, there's no real posibillity to move anything forward.

Personally, I'd advise to either rework your idea into something else, or at least introduce some major plot-changing devices, which will make the mundane in the story (the high school setting) only a short starting point, not the entirety of a vn. Don't fall into the same pitfall many aspiring vn creators go into. You can do better than the japanese devs, trust me.

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Hmm, as a VN lead developer and writer, i myself , also feared my idea might be stolen and so did others who didn't know how copyright works legally. To cut it short, if you have expressed your idea in any form or medium (including creating a sprite), then you're safe. That's if someone steals your idea. The chances of that are as low as @Snailmusk's chances at getting laid, or @Narcosis's chances at ever being a nice and lovable guy.

However i might be interested to assist in your story depending on where you take it. Narco is right, that premise has been squeezed dry like Turkeys during the last quarter of the year. So if you branch out to create something original, you'd get alot more attention that way (otherwise, you'd have to rely on art).

And the final question, which you should put up in your original post, is the question of whether your VN is free or commercial. 

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