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table-layout css property

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Hey there,

just a minor request: while writing a new version of out project introduction I noticed that the css property 'table-layout' is unavailable for forum posts.
I am aware that html/css purification is a crucial step to prevent unwanted code injection but this particular property doesn't entail any security risks :)

table-layout: fixed; causes equal row widths, with looks much nicer if you ask me:


The forum also won't let me set the width of that table to calc(100% - 40px), is there any particular reason for that?
As a temporary solution I will set a minimum cell width, but that will look weird on smaller screens like mobile devices ^^

- Atom :)

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Hello fellow Germin.

One would be more natural, since the cell with the longest content gets the widest width, the other one (fixed width) is more pleasing to OCD eyes. I'm not really particular to either.

So, everyone: Post your opinions why one should be used over the other, and we'll use whatever.

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I think it depends on what content you want to display.
I'm not familiar with the IPS Community Software, but isn't there an option to whitelist specific css properties?
That way everyone could use the settings most appropriate in their situation.

Even though admittedly, most people probably won't use tables at all because they're not included in the wysiwyg editor ^^

- Atom

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