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Post pics you like rename poll

Change the name of "Post pics you like" to "Pics Jun Inoue likes"?  

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  1. 1. Should this happen?

    • Yes
    • Of course
    • Fiddle

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The thread "Post pics you like" lives off the posts made by a single user, Jun Inoue. If not for Jun, the thread would hardly have any posts, and Fuwa would be a cold and sad place without proper memes to fuel its users' daily requirement. Jun's ability to find funny pictures and gifs to share with Fuwanovel is treasured and loved by all, and the site has not seen a user with such an amazing post-like ratio since Fiddle.


I made several attempts at getting an interview with Jun, to ask him why he is so motivated to bring Fuwanovel memes and hilarious gifs, but every time I checked his profile to see if he was free, I was met with the same situation time and time again.


And, by scrolling down on his profile, you will see just how dedicated he is to his mission of never letting Fuwanovel go a single day without memes!




Now that's dedication!


Taking all of this into account, I think it would be unfair for the thread to keep its current name, and instead suggest we rename this thread to: "Pics Jun Inoue likes."


I have made a poll on this thread, and ask that you all vote, so that we can make this change happen!

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I would have wondered "how didn't I see this thread being made," but I think my profile activity answers that for me.

Still, what an honour. My lifelong dream of leaving my mark 1% through sheer work 99% through shit posting has been accomplished. I promise to use this power for good, and to not drop my posting rhythm and philosophy of "oh neat, this goes to Fuwa."

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