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Key's 2nd announcement - Rewrite New Project


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17 minutes ago, Eclipsed said:


ermergawd, wild Ceris appears to defend the only VN he ever read:pyaa:

I assumed 'first' announcement was another Rewrite before this second one :holo: 

No, one of the two I've read to completion :sachi:

And I'm not defending anything. As said, this is probably some spinoff mobile game due to who's involved. I'm not even remotely interested upon hearing that.

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27 minutes ago, Nier said:

Even if it's from the same franchise or the same universe it can still be original, just look at âge, all their games from the past 15 years have been from the same universe.

The fundamental difference is that the MuvLuv universe was rich and overly detailed it was the prominent draw of the series. It is a story of war told from the perspective of a single individual (although undoubtedly an important individual in the original series), the other titles simply shifted perspective to other characters and this works because the differences in position and environment add to the overall global story of humanity's struggle against destruction. 

I don't believe this works for something like Grisaia or Rewrite because the characters are the prominent draw to the series. Yes, there are various different background organizations, but the lore is much shallower and only serves to provide conflict for the characters in the series. I never found myself wanting to know more about CIRS because it wasn't part of the story itself, it was the conflicts caused by Yuuji's affiliation with CIRS that made up parts of his story. 

Now Key could make something interesting to add to Rewrite if they have a sequel to the true end or expand on the part 


in the true ending that involved Kotarou's mixed faction group (maybe have the story told from one of their perspectives as well)

that would be interesting and get me excited. Since that would either focus on the characters of Rewrite or expand on a preexisting element of the vn that I personally found a bit unsatisfying and a missed opportunity. 

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And it has been unveiled: the name's Rewrite IgnisMemoria.




I must admit that it looks nicer than what I originally thought (sprite design & animation and the whole room thing looks really similar to Cinderella Girls: Starlight Stage but I don't know if I love or hate that since I'm an avid player).

The VN part is probably just fanservice, but as long as they don't mess with the original plot it should be fine.

And OMG that theme song by Maon Kurosaki.

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Just now, UnlimitedMoeWorks said:

So it's a spin-off hybrid between a VN, an RPG, and a room simulation game? Or are those separate from the main VN itself? I can't read Japanese that well.

In the trailer they say it's an RPG specifically, so I assume the VN parts are something you unlock at certain levels and the room thing is just an extra to see your girls being cute and max their affinity levels and such.

But as I say, those are just my assumptions (mainly based in Cinderella, that's how it works there and this looks pretty similar).

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