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12/09/16 - Forums Updated; Feedback Goes Here

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Hey everybody,

We did a forums update today. If you run into bugs, problems, or want to leave feedback, please put it in this thread. The software update included the following items:

Better Analytics Integration
Tag Quick Edit
Default Warning Notes
Custom RSS Feeds
Word and Link Filters
Moderation Improvements
Security and Privacy
Embeds and Integration


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The leaderboard is really cool!


EDIT: All of these seem to work now, like Decay said.

A few things I have noticed:

One issue I have found with the leaderboard so far is, when you go to "top members" and try to select a category, it still won't show anything but "most reputation", even if you change it to something else.

Also, after the update I can no longer auto embed pictures. They just give an error message and remain as links:


The link could not be embedded because of an unexpected error: error: .

I can also not like posts atm. It seems to just freeze and when I reload the page, the like isn't there.


Lastly, I'm #2 and not #1 on the leaderboards, and that is clearly a bug as well, thank you :sachi: EDIT 2: (This is still clearly a big issue though :makina: )


Huh, actually, if you set it to "year", I am #1:


Line up if you want autographs everyone :sachi: 

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Post liking isn't working

Go to last unread post isn't working

Changing pages isn't working either unless you open the pages in a new window

Twitter and many other kinds of embeds are broken

Notifications are broken, not specifying a topic. ("soandso has quoted you in a topic" it says)

The forums are very broken right now and I strongly suggest a rollback unless a quick fix is available.

edit: Everything seems to be working just fine again. It may have been a short temporary issue from the switch to https. So... disregard, I guess?

Edited by Decay

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1 hour ago, TexasDice said:

There really needs to be a Leaderboard filter for "least amount of Avatar changes" based on active forum time. miyakoemoticonwip5zsldv.png

As long as seasonal hats don't count, I'm down with this.

But if the software isn't smart enough to recognize changes for seasonal hats, then down with this.

Edited by Fred the Barber

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There are threads like the "post pics you like" thread that have so many embedded pictures that some don't come up at all, leaving only the filename there until I refresh 2 or 3 times to see the embedded pictures. It also takes a heck of a long time for the page to load despite 20mbit download speeds here. Maybe the option to decrease the number of posts shown per page would help, or (probably not easy to implement at the admin side) limit posts per page based on size of messages.

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