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Okay so far I've read katawa shoujo, princess evangile. and grisaia no kajitsu. (Yea I'm a total noob at VNs, and this is all the VNs i've read.) I like all of them, and I'm looking for new ones. I like all of the VNs I've read. In terms of story, grisaia no kajitsu is best. In terms of h-scenes, PE and Grisaia are both on par. 

So to the point, I want my VNs with more romance, less action, and a hint of comedy. I am ok with the setting (but school life is preferable), and it has to be english subbed. THX!

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Son there is nothing to be ashamed about admitting that you want h-scenes in your vns, especially around here.  

- Muv-Luv extra might surprisingly fit your tastes, but the comedy may be a bit stronger that you are looking for.

- DaCapo II is a pretty decent slice of life romance affair, for the love of god don't touch the first it still gives me existential nightmares. 

- NobleWorks another decent slice of life romance title with a bunch of h-scenes and some pretty decent humor. 

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If I may say something here, there's a lot of translated VNs with H Scenes out there. But if you want some, how about Koi Resort, and Koiken Otome? Or if you want some better one, perhaps Hoshimemo, Dracu Riot, and Koichoco as well here? Hope it'll be help and have fun.

PS - Just in case you want something that was at Kajitsu's length, try Majikoi as well.

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