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Hi! How's it going?

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Hello everyone! Nice to meet you. ^_^

My name is Kenibatz and I like casual visual novels.

One of the VNs I recently played was "The Shadows that Run Alongside Our Car" by Lox Rain.  I was very impressed with "Shadows" and it was one of the games that prompted me to learn how to make Visual Novels.

I also like the cute VNs made by Nami.

Anyway, I'm happy to be here and I hope to get to know more of you. Have a wonderful day!

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32 minutes ago, Limerence_ said:


Hope you enjoy your time here, and don't hesitate to ask if you need any help. :sachi:

Thank you! I really like the dark color theme of this forum. Makes it easy to read. :)


Just now, Benji Price said:

Welcome bro! Make yourself at home :sachi:

Enjoy your stay!

Thanks! From the threads I've seen so far, the forum vibe is very friendly. :)


17 minutes ago, Forgetful Frank said:

Welcome to Fuwa~! :miyako:

Thank you! :)

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3 hours ago, ExtraMana said:

welcome bud, stay a while

Thank you! I will!

3 hours ago, Aleister said:

top kek but welcome to the foroums mate

Thanks! :D

2 hours ago, DarkZedge said:

Hello and welcome the Fuwa forums :maple: 

Thank you!

1 hour ago, Dergonu said:

Welcome to the forum!

Here, have a sulky samurai! :sachi:

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Aww, thanks! What a lovely samurai! What game is she from? :)

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13 hours ago, Phantom said:

Hey there!

Hope you enjoy your stay here :) 


Thank you! I believe I will! ^_^


12 hours ago, Nobody~~ said:

Welcome! Hope you enjoy being here! Anything you need be free to ask in the forums :sachi: 

Thank you! I feel like it's a nice forum. I'm lurking about for now. :D


11 hours ago, UnlimitedMoeWorks said:

Welcome! :sachi: Hope you enjoy your stay.

Thank you!


10 hours ago, littleshogun said:

Welcome to Fuwanovel here. If you need some VN Recommendations here, just ask us. You could also sharing with us what kind of idea that you had for your VN here later. Hope you enjoy yourself here.

Thanks! I do need recommendations, actually. I'm looking for VNs that aren't categorized as "dating" games. I'd like to read VNs with solid stories; stories that are as memorable and approachable as those made by Studio Ghibli or Pixar.

My idea for a VN is available to play now, but I will share it in the Original VN thread later. I'd love to receive opinions and feedback on it so I can make better VNs in the future. ^_^

Thanks for the welcome!

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