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Sunrider series Spanish translation

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The Sunrider Project or SP (no pun intended)




*Images have links to their respective vndb links.

Hello. Name's Cloud, and I know that this isn't the best place to post English to Spanish translations, but I'm going to do it here anyways.

First and foremost, the Sunrider series is an OELVN, or more simply, a VN with its original language being English. My intent with these translations is to raise the awareness of these games to a wider community. I think that it's the best way to help the devs improve their artstyles and assets for future games to come and let the OELVN community grow as a result.

Opening Movies



Anyways, let's just skip the bullshit and cut straight to the chase.

I'm going to translate the entirety of the Sunrider series, three games developed by Love in Space: one of the few devs in my opinion that currently makes OELVN's with high production values (comparing them with other developers.) Now, to answer the immediate questions/posts that I'd probably see if I didn't post this:

  1. Are you sure that you know what you're signing up for? Yes, I am fully aware of what I'm doing and the amount of work that this will take, but I hope it ends up being a pleasant experience for me in order to improve my skill as a translator and to provide some love to the Spanish community.
  2. Will there be ETA's for the releases? Nope, if I compromise myself to something I will carry it out till the end, I think that compromising to translate these games is good enough and I don't think placing unrealistic ETA's will let me improve at a good rate.
  3. What will be the order of release? The order will be Sunrider: "Mask of Arcadius", "Sunrider Academy" and "Sunrider Liberation Day."

Any kind of recruitment won't be needed, I just wanted to share this through some sites.

Members of the project:

Cloud (Translator)

Gistradagis (Editor)

Vacant (QC)

Vacant (Image editor, we'll need one at some point)

If anyone is interested to follow the blog where I'll post the patches/updates and that stuff just visit my website:


Anyways, I think that's all. Hope everyone has a nice day.



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16 minutes ago, Aleister said:

Sinceramente creo que tienes más oportunidades de reclutar a alguien en un grupo de facebook que aquí. 

Solo esta haciendo publicidad para que gente conosca que se estra traduciendo ya de ingles a español.

Ahi dice que no ocupa ayuda.

Buena suerte con el proyecto.

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5 minutes ago, CruelN1N1 said:

Solo esta haciendo publicidad para que gente conosca que se estra traduciendo ya de ingles a español.

Ahi dice que no ocupa ayuda.

Buena suerte con el proyecto.

Lo decía específicamente por la parte de "vacant". En parte mi comentario no sonó como una recomendación tampoco, my bad 

Edited by Aleister
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