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LemmaSoft link.

Hello, everyone! My name is Lumia Chai, and I would like to open my writing, editing, researching and proofreading services to anybody in need of assets. To be able to fund for a project that I want to start and finish (to get other assets, like art), I am only doing paid service and talent trading for now. I hope to be able to work with you soon!

> Both free and paid project, whether it is short term (for a jam) or long term, are fine with me, as long as it is within my “interest range”.
> Payment is made by PayPal.me in the USD currency (I will share my link with you privately).
> I am fine working under a deadline as long as they are reasonable. If they are not, a tight-deadline fee will be charged (please see below).
> I am able to work the most on weekends, Saturday and Sunday, and possibly holidays if I am not out of town.
> Depending on how long I am free, I can write from anywhere ranging from 100-2,000 words in a day.
> Two small samples, one that is dialogue-heavy and the other narrative-heavy, can be seen here. Any request for specific samples may be made; each sample I provide will be about 120-150 words (which is the length of the two samples in the link). After the third sample request, I will charge $1 for every sample after the third.

> Any genre: romance, fantasy, otome/shoujo and supernatural are my most strongest and preferred genres (although I am also an avid fan of dark stories as well), though gore, horror, slice of life, and angst are also fine.
> PG rating through 16+ rating (mild violence and profanity).
> Girl x Boy (which is preferable for me), Boy x Girl, and mild Yuri/Yaoi (BL).
> R18 - if it's opposite sex and characters are over the age of 18.

> R18 between same genders and characters are under the age of 18

RATES [ free project / paid project ]
* These following prices are based on a “per word” basis and in USD unless stated otherwise. A tight-deadline fee of $5 will be added to your total order if your deadline, if applicable, is tight.
> Writing- $0.02 / $0.03
> Editing- $0.02 / $0.03
> Proofreading- $0.01 / $0.02
> Research- $5 per hour / $7 per hour
> Idea bouncing- $1 per hour / $1 per hour

If you are launching a Kickstarter, I can also accept payment (which can be negotiated), provided that funding is a success. If not, I can also accept revenue sharing payment.

> If you have me do writing and editing for you, you may have 50% off of your original order.
> Special holiday packages will also be offered when it is approaching, provided I am in town. This also means special holiday freebies as well.


* My primary reason for offering a paid service is to commission different people to complete assets that I am unable to recruit for free (future). But, I am willing to do talent trade as well.
> Sprite artwork and character design
> CG artwork
> Background artwork
> Graphical artwork (screening, logo, profiles)
> Musical composition
> Writing/editing (this expertise is a bit uncertain; send me an email/private message if you are interested in doing a talent trade for this)


* Please include information about the game or a link to a work-in-progress thread that explains the game as if I were an audience. For trading, please specify what you are going to offer, and we can negotiate on what I give in return.
> Email me at destinylumia@gmail.com (fastest reply comes by email)
> Private message me here
> Reply to this thread

If I haven’t replied to you within three days, please resend your email or private message. If you have replied to the thread, copy and paste your message into an email to me.


Edited by lumia
Grammar errors, updates
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// Update(s) 11-19
First of all, I would like to say that I am still open. Also, I am also able and willing to accept payment if you have a successful Kickstarter campaign (we can negotiate on payment then). So, if you are tight on your budget, feel free to send a portion of Kickstarter's money. I will also open any payment for Google Wallet soon if you don't have a PayPal.me account.

I am also more than willing to do a talent trade, especially for background and graphic art. Currently, I am working on a project titled My Eternal Rose (information about the game can be found here). This project is currently in need of the following:

> Background art (prioritized)
> GUI art
> Writing/editing/idea bouncing

If you are in need of writing, editing, proofreading, researching, and/or idea bouncing, please let me know, and we can work out and negotiate on trading terms!

Also, I am also open to write R18 now, as long as (1) characters are or are over the age of 18, and (2) there is no incest of any kind nor sex between the same gender involved. I am however able to write gore.

As always, if you are interested, be sure to contact me with [general] information about your project; I hope to be able to work with you soon!

// Regarding Packages and Deals!
Unfortunately, I will not have any deals nor freebies this year during Thanksgiving and Christmas, because I will be out of town, and thus be unable to do commissions around this time. However, I will open up freebies of writing in the duration of the NaNoReNo event coming up in the month of March!

Remember that if you commission me to do writing and editing simultaneously, you will get a whole 50% off of your order! Make sure to make good use of that!

That is it for updates for today; I hope everybody has a great day!
Cheers! –Lumia Chai.
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