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Sup, Doods?


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Sup, Dood?

The Name's Prinny, dood. To celebrate the day where netherworlds greatestest demon has made you puny humans surrender, I, the great Prinny, have offered the present of my presence to you, dood! (Ok, that was just a joke on american politics and how those guys behave, I really hope nobody is offended)

Hobbies are reading, RPGs, Eroge and killing people (jk), dood.

While I'm not really someone to be active in communities, I hope to atleast not have everyone explode on me, dood. That's my job, dood!

Favorite VNs are: Fantasy stuff, Comedy and Hybrids

Stuff I like: Books, Games, animals, writing, reading, cooking (and eating) and lame jokes, dood!

Stuff I hate: Harem Protagonists, Deus Ex Machina Protagonists like that grisaia guy, forced comedy & forced seriousness, people and being thrown


I dunno what else to say... Questions are accepted, dood

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