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Guest Aaeru

AstralAir no Shiroki Towa - new FAVORITE game

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Ok, I need like 6 of the pictures from the second page in high res xD

Here, put them in a circle, if you have scanner I would give anything for a high res scan xD

(I cannot find this release anywhere :()


Oh wait, are those like specific pre-order rewards from specific shops? From my basic understanding of japanese it lists name of japanese shops and that they are like tapestries and towels and such :o


(fuwanovel is now accepting donations in for of those 6 items :Kappa:)

Yeah those are shop-specific pre-order bonuses. Makes me wanna collect 'em all too! (Especially the Yuuki ones)

There is a slightly bigger clearer size of the images at one of the game's website page, but damn watermarks and censors ruin them :(

I do have a scanner; though I'll try and see first if I can scan them successfully lol

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It's like


I used photoshop for one of those resquested images

Tell me what you think



Provided i can find a moderate sized picture i would probably be able to do the same to the others


Its kinda easy to remove watermarks but i cant do much about the size

It's like a loli Yume.

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HYPE! Just 10 more days xD


I personally haven't even see the OP or read any synopsis so its all fresh for me whenever I see it in the game.


I'm thinking about waiting few weeks before playing, but I'll probably end up hopping right into it xD

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