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Hello there. My name is Konpeki Umi, well it's my pen name to be exact. I'm a writer who loves to read books, especially light novels since I find them an interesting read. I plan to write a book myself someday.

I joined Fuwanovel because I have an interest in visual novels too, and I would like to share my thoughts on them here since there's not a lot of people I know I can actually talk about them to without receiving awkward stares. While I haven't read any visual novels yet, the closest one I've played to a visual novel is Hyperdimension Neptunia. There are a couple that peaked my interest like Fate/Stay Night, If My Heart Had Wings, The Fruit of Grisaia, and the Umineko series, and I would like to read those when I can actually afford them.

Hopefully you don't mind if I share my writing works on this site. I would like some feedback on my works so I can better improve on my writing skills. It would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

And that's it for the introduction. I hope I get to know you all, and see you around.

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