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Badly describe a Visual Novel


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2 hours ago, Okarin said:

A novel with lots of attempted drama, alleged lessons about life, amidst an ocean of porn scenes. Oh, and the heroines kinda suck. ;)

tempted to guess Euphoria

22 hours ago, Clephas said:

The angels and the demons go to school together.  Everyone walks around Tokyo.  Lots of flashing lights and good music ensue.

Persona 5? lol


man hits head a bit too badly and decides he wants Cthulhu booty

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13 hours ago, WinterfuryZX said:

A girl shows you her bare heart

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(and her pancreas, too, isn't it nice?), then you'll kik her head failing to decapitate her.


I'll be surprised if anyone manages to get that one, considering like five people on this forum have played it.

3 hours ago, Okarin said:

This is a really interesting plot, I'm betting it's an untranslated VN? It piqued my interest!

Yup! It's Tsui no Sora. Not only is it untranslated, but it's completely unhookable as far as I can tell, due to arcane 90s engine structures. It's first on my list when I actually bother to learn Japanese.

There's a subbed version of the OVA floating around, but I'm 99% sure it's the worst commercially released anime ever released. The animation is awful, the voice acting sounds amateur at best, and the art is on the level of MS Paint. I almost recommend watching it for the pure humor value.

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52 minutes ago, Funyarinpa said:

holy fuck



I didn't make that just for this though, I made it a few months ago for a game of vn pictionary. Also, Sketchtoy makes you seem like a waaaay better artist than you actually are.

Also, no one's guessed mine yet :yumiko: surely it's not hard?

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On 10/31/2016 at 11:27 AM, john 'mr. customer' smith said:



A doctor messes around with a loli, a catgirl and some wind-up toys :holo:

Sekien no Inganok


A poor man is sucked into a conspiracy and found himself deadly cursed by an evil monk, on top of that, a self proclaimed samurai and his gang of sucidal blockheads are planning to brutally slaughter him.

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1 hour ago, Silvz said:

I haven't played anything you guys are joking about. I don't like playing with you :<


My contribution: A dead guy with ribbons saves the world a thousand times.

Rewrite? It feels forced, but I can think of several interpretations.


The protagonist climbed a very high building to kill a crazy robot with a voice of a little girl.

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5 hours ago, KonpekiUmi said:

Ok, let me give this a try.

An orphan nearly gets killed and encounters a mysterious sword fighter, pulling him into a color conflict that spans time and realms.

Someone has answered this but I'm going to use this to describe another VN with one underlined hint.

Should be easy enough.

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