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Sora o Aogite Kumo Takaku Question

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1 minute ago, UnlimitedMoeWorks said:

though I'm not sure if Mangagamer sells it.

They do not, as this was not translated by Mangagamer.


Seeing as the game released on steam is the only English version, unless you speak Japanese (or Chinese; there is a simplified Chinese patch for the 18+ game,) it will be worth it if you really do want to play it, but as you seemingly have already concluded, the game will be lacking its 18+ content. I think the decision should come down to whether or not you look at 18+ content as important or not.


Sanahtlig did post this on a VNDB discussion about the game, so the 18+ content doesn't seem crucial for your understanding of the story.


The Greenlight page is less of a mess than Kagura Douchuuki's was, but the text is still obviously written by a non-native speaker. It manages to be understandable at least, but we're still talking worse than the Flowers demo here.

Unlike Kagura Douchuuki, this is a game that actually has merit without its H-content--indeed, the H-content in the original felt kind of out of place. The battle system resembles a Tales game, and it's probably the best system of any Debonosu game I've tried. The story is the standard cliche garbage with dimwitted villains that you'd find in a 1990's SNES JRPG, with some moe scenes added in.

Overall, I could vaguely recommend this game, even without the ero-content. That is, if Debonosu actually hired a translator that could write proper English at least.


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5 hours ago, Narcosis said:

If you don't really mind playing the game without all of the original content, go get it. If not, I'd wait to see if Denbosu plans to release an 18+ patch (which I seriously doubt, unless something changes).

Seems like a pretty standard all ages release to me. A port of a portable port (say that three times fast) with extra content in exchange for a lack of H to allow for a steam release. Hell, according to one of the only two posts on VNDB about the translation, "Unlike Kagura Douchuuki, this is a game that actually has merit without its H-content--indeed, the H-content in the original felt kind of out of place."

Really, I just want to know if they fucked up the TL or not.



5 hours ago, Novel21 said:

I have decide not to buy it since I would miss all content in the game.

So I hope Denbosu would release 18 + content patch or somebody Else translate the whole game

Don't hold your breath. Denbosu doesn't have a track record of such, and the only times I've EVER seen a fan effort survive an official translation were in cases where the official version is extremely butchered or a translation already exists and the only effort necessary is porting. I've only ever seen either of those scenarios in games with very large fanbases too; not an unknown raising sim with a 7.4 average of less than 40 votes on VNDB. 

Also, it's just the sex scenes; like has been stated before, there's more concrete content to make up for it.

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