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Pawn [LNV] [Thriller/Mystery/Horror] [greenlit]


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A thriller-themed story driven linear visual novel with some gameplay elements allowing you to interact freely with characters, clues and locations to offer a deepest comprehension of the story.


Due to the story structure, it's nigh impossible to tell the story without spoilers, hence for now only a small "outline" can be shared :
The hero is Susumu Tokunaga, a substitute teacher back to his hometown for what might be his final course as he becomes unwilingly involved in a series of dissapearances and grisly murders.


At the end of the first chapter, the player realizes that the Hero is a police officer whose duty is to protect one of the students from a possible abduction. Dramatic events unravel the mystery surrounding the disappearances of dozens of citizens. With a serial abductor/serial killer using social media to showcase his "works", Susumu Tokunaga  has to decide wether he's going to protect his childhood crush or to fulfill his duty and protect the student.


Story-driven Linear Visual Novel.
Original 3 acts story divided into 7 chapters.
Over 40 characters (with a total of 400 facial expressions).
1 good ending, 4 bad endings.
Investigation minigames.
Photo Minigame based on The Idolmaster Gravure For You!.
5 to 8 hours to beat.
70 000 words.
200 high-quality backgrounds.
40 music tracks.
English and French language.





Gameplay :



Analyzing clues :


Suspects Interrogation :

CG :


CG :



Game status : 100%
QA : 25%
English translation : 32%
Steam Greenlit

Youtube channel

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