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Heya from the Isle of Man


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Hello and welcome to Fuwa, since you like SoL/Romance I'll throw some recommendations your way:

I'll leave it there for now and hope you enjoy them if you do end up picking one of them. So once again welcome to the Fuwa forums. :sachi:


See you around.

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9 hours ago, Mosaonetsera said:

I have been reading VNs for around a year now but recently I've been more focused to read more and make it into a proper hobby.

My favourites are Planetarian and Saya no Uta right now however I usually enjoy Slice of Life/Romance.

Nice to meet you all ^^

Hey! Welcome to Fuwa. I'm new too, so we are both newbies <3

I would recommend IMHHW and Majikoi series.

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Welcome to the Fuwa community! Hope you'll find your stay here a pleasant one!:mare:

Slice of life and romance VNs are among one of my favorites since they're pretty enjoyable and heartwarming to read at!:miyako:

Try checking out Clannad and If My Heart Had Wings  then see if they fancy your interest or so.


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