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Since it somehow got rolled-back along with my other thread... (dunno, don't ask me :komari:)

I used to be a member of Fuwa before, but due to my depressive nature back then I ended up asking for account deletion... People like Kenshin, riri, Kosaki and few others probably remember me more-less from FSG and me contributing is osu! thread. 

I didn't really want to go through making it again, but here we go. I'm Polish guy who loves VNs and although I appreciate good story, art is what makes or breaks them for me often. I know it isn't most important, but however I look at it, it's something what makes me try it out (if I look for VN myself).

From other games I play osu! (fairly high level), feel free to ask me for nick :sacchan: if you don't mind me spectating that is. I love talking about that game and sharing interesting maps, getting them from others too. I also enjoy helping mappers and beginners. The other game is LoL, friend got me into it two days ago, so I don't really have anything on my account and I have to learn all kind of stuff, but if someone would bear with me I'd enjoy company (EU West).

I also love digital anime/manga art and I love to share all kinds of pics with people, I'm mostly sitting on discord, though I also have skype and ts.

Most of all - lewds~~ Flaw or not, I can't say that I don't love those, including rp :wafuu:'

Ahh also I am quite a lolicon.

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Welcome to Fuwa :) I am still relatively new here so logically I don't remember you anyway :D But had to check that osu! game you spoke of ... Well, this certainly requires some serious skill to play :P I am not into this type of games xD

As for LOL, I avoid it like the plague that it is, can't really get into it, I am not into MOBA games at all (though I find Overwatch pretty fun to play from time to time xD) ... Anyway, good luck and welcome back to the forum :)

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17 hours ago, UnlimitedMoeWorks said:

Welcome! :sachi: I'm relatively new here myself so I can't really say welcome back now can I? :wafuu: Hope you enjoy your stay. :sacchan:

I've only heard of OSU by name. What's the game like?

It's a rhythmic game, you click accordingly to music and move cursor on circles that you're supposed to hit.


19 hours ago, xToki said:

Welcome back~  Let's hope you don't get hit by another rollback :wafuu:

Hope so too :vinty:

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