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Looking for Yuri Nukige


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Hi, I love Yuri and recently discovered the existence of nukige. Being new to the scene, I would love to have some recommendations on the existing Yuri Nukige. 

Although I am mainly driven by the sexual aspects of these games, I would like to state my preferences. 

- No sad or tragic endings.

- English translation is available.

Any relevant response is greatly appreciated.

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The English TL requirement does make the list a bit shorter... Well, first of all there is the SonoHana series, (games 1-10 are TLed, as well as another on the way from Mangagamer.)

Then there is Lilium x Triangle and Sugar's Delight. Lastly, you can also check out the Raidy series. These are a bit unique, as they are dungeon crawler games, but they are quite nukige-like, with lots of juicy H content- you just have to fight for your porn through solving mazes and shit. :makina: (Go for Raidy III for the best content, 1-2 are quite old and the amount of content you get for your money isn't the best.) You also have  Sakura Dungeon, which is a slightly lower quality dungeon crawler.


Also have to mention Atom Grrrl!! and Sacrament of the Zodiac. These aren't really pure nukige, but they are shorter titles with several H-scenes.

Hopefully this list has some games you haven't played yet.

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