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Ao No Kanata No Four Rhythm (Intro Available)

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EDIT: We joined Aleister's group and have a new post here.

Forgive me if I screw up formatting, I'm new here.

Project Introduction

I finished watching the Aokana anime aaaages ago and thought it ended a little abruptly but was too lazy to do anything about it. Recently, I discovered source material for stuff wasn't actually that scary so I looked for the Aokana source. I found out it was a VN and while looking for a translation found this which seems to be pretty much abandoned. Because I was bored I thought it'd be fun to see if I could at least extract the CGs and have a look. At the same time I came across the scripts and posted on that comment thread that I might be able to do something.

Albert, another guy on the thread, came and dumped most of the intro to chapter 1, so I thought I'd look into putting it back in the game. It worked.

So we don't really have a team name or anything but I figured I'd put something here in case the Wordpress gets taken down or something.

Not going to hype you up with false promises and tell you we'll get to the end or anything, just thought I'd share what we have since I haven't seen anything so far.

Visual Novel Information

VNDB Link: https://vndb.org/v12849

I think most people here know about it, it's more popular than I thought it'd be, since it wasn't a big anime.

Staff or Team Members

Technical stuff: Me

The actual work: Albert. 


I took what Albert's done so far and compiled it into an ARC so you can actually play it. Just take data01100.arc from that link and dump it in the game folder. Bam. Intro is now in English. Albert's working on the rest of Chapter 1 now.

I'll probably update this chunk later if possible so I'll make it into a changelog:

  • 2016-10-03: Intro to chapter 1 complete: Put data01100.arc from here in your game folder. Bam. English intro.

Recruitment Status

We're not actively recruiting but we're open to any translators who'd like to join us. 

Extra Relevant Information

I've actually only ever played one VN (it wasn't even Japanese)... Please don't kill me.

If you see any bugs (like the game crashing) after patching, let us know. Albert mentioned seeing text overlapping. If you see that, whether you see it consistently would be helpful. Also a screenshot.

I have no interest in keeping the technical stuff I figured out secret or anything (I mostly hacked other people's scripts anyways) but it's a mess so I'd rather clean it up a bit before I make it available to anyone.

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21 minutes ago, Infernoplex said:

Wait, is this the visual novel that was supposed to get a fan-translation but was eventually abandoned by the translation team?

That's what I read, yeah. To be clear, I don't think Albert or I were at all involved with the previous attempt.

Unlike the last one, there's at least something working now though.

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5 minutes ago, Supok1 said:

That's what I read, yeah. To be clear, I don't think Albert or I were at all involved with the previous attempt.

Unlike the last one, there's at least something working now though.

Oh, so my memory still serves me well ^_^ I actually read your post again after my last post ... You even linked to that Aokana wordpress site and that's where I confirmed my initial thought :D I actually looked on VNDB only the first time I read your post and after seeing the cover picture I got reminded of that fan-translation for that VN which was kind of a troll and the situation kind of stayed in my head (I had a laugh at that time, that's the first time I saw something like that happening in the VN fan-translation scene xD) ...

Anyway, I wish you luck with your endevaour ^_^ Though to be honest I am not expecting much from this. This visual novel is fairly long and just 2 people working on it will not be enough in my opinion ... Though you could always prove me wrong if one day you really complete this, that would be amazing :D

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1 hour ago, Chuee said:

It's the name of the school?


1 hour ago, Decay said:

Umm, shouldn't your translator know that?


1 hour ago, Decay said:

I mean, does your translator actually know Japanese? Why would they think that's a title for someone? 

Albert hasn't claimed to be fluent, he's just doing this for the fun of it. 

28 minutes ago, Decay said:

Also just FYI, contrary to popular belief OriginalRen is actually continuing the Aokana translation project behind the scenes.


24 minutes ago, zander1995 said:

lol that project's not abandoned, they just stopped using that site to host info about it

Huh, I hadn't seen anything other than dead threads and people complaining about lack of updates. It'd really be down to Albert and anyone else who'd like to translate but personally I think we should keep going until we actually see something released, just in case.

Also interestingly, our comments on the blog page linked earlier seem to have disappeared?

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2 minutes ago, zander1995 said:

Yeah, the site owner deleted them because you're literally posting about your TL on someone else's site when they haven't stopped working on aokana lol

I kinda get that but there are tons of comments full of "this project is dead the world is ending" and instead of just saying "hey guys, I'm actually still working on this, no need to pick it up", he just deletes everything?

Anyhow, reading the Reddit thread, it looks like Aokana's translation history is filled with drama to say the least so I'll just leave it at that.

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Hey, Supok1, I just saw what happened over at the WordPress site, I guess this is where we'll be working from now on.

For everyone who's wondering, yes I'm not fluent, but rather still a student in Japanese (currently 2 years in going on 3). I am just translating this project for my own practice, sorry if I disappointed everyone.

If you have played the AoKana game before and have read my google docs prologue script, I'd really appreciate it if you give me feedback on my translations.
Here is the link to my prologue:

Even if the owner of the original project is still working on it, I will continue to work on this project. This is for my own practice, and I do plan on translating the entire game simply cause I love the game so much.

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