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Starry Dreams [LGBT / Slice of Life / Free] RELEASED

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In Starry Dreams, the player is a new resident of Sunflower Apartments, where they meet several interesting characters- two of which who want to open their own bakery! As the story progresses, the success of the bakery hinges on whether or not the player is good enough friends with the characters.




The player plays as the nameable protagonist who has just moved into the apartments of most of the characters in Starry Dreams. There are a total of 6 characters in Starry Dreams, not including the player character. You build relationships with the characters, which decides how the story progresses. The better a friend you are to some of them- how much you support them- dictates if their dreams and goals are accomplished.


The aim of the project is to make a light-hearted LGBT story that's cute but doesn't focus on the characters being LGBT- instead, it's about their lives and their goals. Two characters, Marion and Frederika, are a non-binary couple who want to build a bakery together. Two other characters, Licellia and Bricie, are a lesbian couple that have their own aspirations, developed later in the story. Starry Dreams focuses on becoming friends with the characters and either supporting their dreams or being apathetic to them.

cupcake_by_mikomikisomi-dajf5ce.png  Progresscupcake_by_mikomikisomi-dajf5ce.png

Sprites: 100% done
CGs: 80%
BGs: 80%
Writing: 100%
Scripting: 100%
GUI: 100%

cupcake_by_mikomikisomi-dajf5ce.png  Demo Betacupcake_by_mikomikisomi-dajf5ce.png

Download Here

I'm currently requesting feedback on the beta version!

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