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Getting Into The Translation Game - Help Me Help You

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Having just gone through Kimi ga Nozomu Eien and making my way through KimiAru I'm finding my Japanese reading skills are better than I've given myself credit for. I'm kicking around the idea of translating a short game and seeing how that goes.

However, complex hacking, coding patches or installation packages, etc. is not in my wheelhouse and not something I'm interested in learning. If the process is too complex or too much of a hassle for me to do, knowing me like I know me I'll get sick of it and say screw it long before the project is done.

Here's where you can help me help you. I want to extract a line of text from the game, do some CTRL+C CTRL+F CTRL+V action, type in the English replacement and be done.  If encryption needs to be broken, files need to be hacked or whatever else needs to be done to get it to the point where all I have to do is the translating, then someone will need to step up and get that done to get me in the game.

I have three candidates for games to translate and don't have a preference between them. Making the process easy for me is going to be the primary deciding factor in which one I do. The candidates are:

1.Majikoi Drama CD vol.1 (the game on the CD, not the actual audio drama)

2.X-Change R

3.Koutetsu no Majo Annerose

Get me to the point where the only work I have to do is the actual translating, and I'll give one of these a go.

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4 hours ago, EcchiOujisama said:

1.Majikoi Drama CD vol.1 (the game on the CD, not the actual audio drama)


Wow that'd be neat and it would complete the whole Majikoi games (well that's if you don't count SPARK and it's with the assumption that Majikoi A will get fully translated). And I think that Naoe Yamato has a voice in these from the same seiyuu that voiced Yamato in the anime adaptation.

You could also translate this: https://vndb.org/v20012

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16 hours ago, CryingWestern said:

Here is the "Majikoi CD 1's" scripts.

I had to look at these files a few times (remember starting from ground zero here) but I think I've got the idea. Each file covers a different part of the script and I just the edit second line of the .txt files with the English translations, right? What happens when that's done?

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