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Leaving Fuwanovel -- It's been a fun two years.

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Thank you for all the enjoyment I have gotten from Fuwanovel over the coarse of my stay. Thank you Tay, Nayleen, Nosebleed, Solidbatman, Decay, Rooke, KosakiFag, Madvanced, Ken-kun, Flutflut, Tiag, and everyone else on Fuwanovel for giving me a place to go and talk about the things I enjoy. I've recently moved into a new house and with it I want to do things differently. It's my senior year of High School, I've lost 70 pounds over the last year, I've gotten more friends, and I just want to do things differently, simple as that. I'll still be on Discord, Skype, and Steam for anyone wanting to talk. 

Again, thank you :komari:

One last Inori (a re-post but it's my favorite).


I really loved this site <3

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Good bye and good luck in your real life, even though I might not knew you too much here ie personally. Oh, and since Funyarinpa give an OST, how about a OST from Little Busters here titled Faraway (Or Haruka Kanata in Japan). Enjoy (By the way, I'd heard that the scene when the song as heard was some sort of goodbye here).


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