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How to edit font in Queen Of Darkness and GSS?


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I tranlate Gore Screaming Show and Queen Of Darkness to russian.
And I have problems with fonts.

1.At Gore Screaming Show I don't know how edit font size. Now size of font is too huge.
Trial version of this VN you can download here: http://holyseal.homeip.net:8000/mirror/blackcyc/gss/GSStai2.exe


2.At Queen Of Darkness (it's nscripter system) I don't know how to change font. Current font have large space between letters.



Help, please! I want to make translation easy to read.

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After a quick check I found Isani's Nscripter command reference bundled with his tools

The only thing useful I can see off hand is this:


defaultfont <character string>

Defines a default font.
NScripter defaults to MS Gothic if this command is not used.
ONScripter defaults to whatever default.ttf is.

So see if changing a font to one that supports your characters better makes a difference. I don't think it's an issue of your font being to big it's more that your using the wrong font. 

If that doesn't work see if onscripter-EN can help or other branches of onscripter. The readme bundled with the binaries mentioned something about half-width characters which is probably what you are looking for.

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Okay to resize GSS font you have to go into printmessage.xtx in the init folder.

it should look like this:

modename printmessage

fontSize 28
printX 47
printY 432
nextY 36

autoNameWindowFlag 0
nameFlag 0

nameX 46 
nameY 425
nameCenterFlag 0
nameLengthMax 10
nameFontSize 28
nameSpace 0

LPrintX 43
LPrintY 30
LNextX 1
LNextY 36
fullMessageNumber 12
LBlickX 1
LBlockY 28

LPrintOptionFlag 1

noVoiceWait 200

customMessageSpeed 1
messageSpeed1 15
messageSpeed2 40
messageSpeed3 60
messageSpeed4 120
messageSpeed5 10000

autoMessageLastWait 3000

There are a couple important lines in this.

fontSize 28

sets the font size of the normal message text.

nextY 36

sets the vertical offset of the normal text from the name (from bottom of the top of the name to the top of the text). So 36 pixels down from the top of the name text is where the normal text is.

nameFontSize 28

Changes the name's font size (keep this the same as fontSize to make the font and the name the same size)

LNextY 36

Changes the vertical offset in the case of multiline messages (keep this the same as nextY to keep the spacing similar.)

Here is a default text size:


Here is what happened when I did the following:

fontSize 28 -> 20

nextY 36 -> 28

nameFontSize 28 -> 20

LNextY 36 -> 28


I hope this helps.

As for Queen of Darkness. The instructions on how to use the tools are in the readme.txt that comes with the file.

I'd assume they are Command line tools. So you probably need to know how to use command line tools.

If I wanted to help further I'd need a copy of the game which seems to be quite hard to find.


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About GSH again:


I found the  perfect program for image extraction: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5q6z4chfg7m86j2/Gss-dev.rar

In cmd.exe need function "gssgpk.exe filename.gpk outfolder/"

But I steel have a question how to repack images to .gpk ?

May be someone have idea?



I already translate many text  and try to insert it.

But I found out 2 problem:

1.  In the game I can make only 3 lines in text window.

Length of the text also limited.  It's about 50 symbols. 



3. I can change game fonts in nnnConfig.exe  

But them all looking awful with russian text, you can see big distance between symbols.7on_ImTDMtk.jpg


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