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Best of ErogameScape エロゲー批評空間 1995 - 2016


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Copied the complete lists (include both erogame and all age games) from ErogameScape to Google spreadsheet Best of ErogameScape エロゲー批評空間 1995 - 2016


Mdn = rating median, SD = standard deviation, Data = number of rating , Total = number of ratings + reviews without rating.

Cyan means rating median >=80. Green Search VNDB means it is all age.

To sort/filter out entries with few ratings, first click row C to Sort Z -> A, then click Total, Filter by condition -> greater than (or equal to) e.g. 10.

Click Search VNDB to ...duh! (learnt from http://stackoverflow.com/a/32633193/5346592). One thing though, if there is (非18禁), (PSV), etc at the end, the search doesn't work properly. Any idea how to make the formula to ignore them? Fixed with multiple substitute (learnt from http://stackoverflow.com/a/16490858/5346592) and https://exceljet.net/formula/cell-contains-one-of-many-things (add { }, =IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH({"(非18禁)","(PSV)"},A3))=TRUE) Fixed with a punch of IF.

Save to your own Google drive for slightly easier usage (no need to sort a row before using filter).

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