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VPN to unblock ErogameScape -エロゲー批評空間-


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10 hours ago, Stormwolf said:

It would be as useless for me though. Japanese have different values and appreciate different things than people in the west usually seem to do. 

I don't really know how you come to such a conclusion. Anyway, EGS is the most statistically representative of erogame ranking. It significantly tightened voting requirement over the years. I personally think most game scores there with more than 50 data entry are justified one way or another, even I don't personally agree with some of the scores but I can see why most people rated that way.


Back to the topic, you will need an original Japanese IP issued by JPNIC to access most websites who block overseas IP in Japan. Because most VPN use datacentres that announce US/Canada IP to other countries, or buy from APNIC then announce to Japan, IP blacklist can easily block these announced IP as they are not included in the JPNIC database. However, some other IP databases will show its announced geolocation.

Try your IP here see if it is issued by JPNIC: https://www.nic.ad.jp/en/db/whois/en-gateway.html

If your IP is issued by JPNIC but blocked, then it's most likely to be blocked manually.

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19 minutes ago, Stormwolf said:

I've seen charts a good while ago where the japanese pick their favourite animes, games and heroines. They're not good, and generated comments such as "japanese being japanese" and i actually  agreed on that :lol: 

Well, it's a long time ago so i don't remember where i've seen them.


Statistically speaking, EGS has the biggest sample size, unlike other similar sites where samples can be easily manipulated, the samples there are mostly non-repetitive and genuine.

In addition, EGS has the best "tag" system called POV and the best search functionality by game, by company, by staff member, by year, by month etc. It can also filter games based on median score, mean score, sample size etc. No other erogame database are nearly comparable.

Unless you don't read Japnaese (because the scores are greatly impacted by the Japanese script written), I don't see why it's not representative. The scores are NOT impacted based on whether you like a character, it is impacted if the character is just terribly written. Overall the ratings are reasonably representative, even if you don't like a game for a particular reason, under most cases the score can be justified one way or another. Like any statistical data, there are exceptions, some games are overated at release even with a reasonable sample size, but generally the score correct itself in long run. The admin there also delete suspected ratings and ban manipulating IP address.

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