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Help with Kirikiri/KAG file encryption in (Koikishi)恋騎士 Purely☆Kiss


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I'm sure this topic has come up quite a few times as many games use the kirikiri engine. I managed to extract the xp3 files using XP3viewer (becuase it uses the game itself to extract them). From there I utilized kingshriek's Dracu-riot tools to get at the text so I could translate it and manually modified the appropriate files for word-wrapping the text. All other tools for the same purposes failed to work on koikishi's xp3 files. Now my problem is although I have made all the preparations required for a patch, the compiled patch does not work. If I use xp3_tool.exe the game tells me it has corrupted files (in japanese). If I use the english translated version of the kirikiri2 engine (by Bluefire101) to make it, it gives me this error message:


I have tried most of the suggestions I could find pertaining this error but, my best guess is it uses some unique encryption method unique to this game. However, I don't have the know how to make a program or modify a program for my purposes. I will add a link to an xp3 file from the game below. Any help would be appreciated. 

Another possibility is that I haven't configured the archive creation correctly in the engine.

Also If you want a link for any of the tools mentioned above pm me or post below and I'll add the links to the post (too lazy too right now because I'd have to re-find some of them or go hunting through my browser's history).

恋騎士 Purely☆Kiss (Koikishi) xp3 file:



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