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Flowers -Le Volume sur Printemps-

Fred the Barber

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Flowers -Le Volume sur Printemps-





Surrounded by immense walls in the middle of a forest, lies the prestigious all-girls school, Saint Angraecum Academy. It's a school that prides itself on growing bright and cultured young women.

The academy's special Amitié program is designed to help foster new friendships among students that will last a lifetime. This is why Suoh Shirahane, a painfully shy girl with a mysterious past, has enrolled. As her first year of high school begins, she is filled with hopes of a new life.

Follow Suoh as she navigates her new friendships and attempts to unravel the many mysteries at the academy, including occult rituals and the mysterious disappearance of fellow students. As spring warms into summer, so do friendships until they blossom into something more. Suoh's heart opens for the first time, but is it okay to like a girl?


Ending Guideline / Suggested Route Order


Suggested route order: Mayuri Bad Ending, mystery Bad Endings, Mayuri True Ending, Rikka Good Ending

But it's frankly not all that strong a suggestion.

There are two "good" endings: one for Mayuri Kohsaka and one for Rikka Hanabishi. Rikka's ending is unlocked upon completion of Mayuri's ending. Mayuri's good ending is the "true" route of the game, and is the story from which later games in the series continue on.

Each mystery solving section of the game can lead to instant Bad Ending. There are four such Bad Endings. There are also slightly different versions of at least some of the Bad Endings, depending on how you mess up, but from what I've seen, the text is generally the same. For the game's bookkeeping purposes, it only requires that you get a bad ending once; you don't need to get different versions of each Bad Ending.

Lastly, depending on the choices you make, there's a Bad Ending even if you get all of the mysteries right, but don't have enough "points" in one direction or another, or if you have enough "points" towards Rikka's ending but don't make the right choice when prompted.

Once you see all five Bad Endings and the two Good Endings, all the Extra features are fully unlocked (some remain locked even if, for instance, you have already finished all the Good Endings)

While you're making choices, note the color that appears over the flower in the bottom-right: the green guides you towards Mayuri's Good Ending, and yellow guides you towards Rikka's Good Ending. Additionally, as you reach stages, the flower itself will change. As you get closer to Mayuri's Good Ending, the flower blooms. In contrast, as you get closer to Rikka's Good Ending, the flower shrinks and disappears. A rather harsh reminder that Mayuri's is the True Ending. If you're heading towards one ending and start making choices in the other direction, the flower can go back and forth, and won't reach the final stage it needs to to achieve a Good Ending, which will leave you getting Mayuri's Bad Ending.


Route Guideline



Mayuri Kohsaka


Good End


> I should take it.
  No, it would be rude.

  Stay silent.
> Say that you were the one talking.

> Respond with what you think she wants to hear.
  Answer honestly.

  Play it safe.
> Make a strong first impression!

  It'd suit any girl.
> It suits you.

When I was a child, I would always follow orders without complaint.
> Agree.

I like to daydream.
> Agree.

I do not care about manners.
> Agree.

I think about, or have tried, dressing as the opposite sex.
> Agree.

I have received neurological or psychiatric treatment.
> Agree.

------------ After the previous answer, the flower indicator should grow a little bit

I have had a strange feeling that I was not myself.
> Agree.

  Apologize and take the paper.
> Ask what kind of friend she wrote about wanting.

  Rikka Hanabishi.
> Mayuri Kohsaka.

  Tell her I was surprised.
> Confess the truth.

> This is my chance to get closer to her!
  I'm too embarrassed.

> I made a promise.
  Rikka-san is right.

> Scarlett O'Hara.

  Obediently do as you're told.
> Protest that you're too inflexible.

> Changing in front of people is embarrassing.
  I'm feeling down about being bad at ballet.

  Say that it's your mistake.
> Declare that you'll investigate.

  It'll probably be just regular practice.
> A heated one-on-one lesson?

> Hide it behind your back.
  Shout that it's not what she thinks.

  She has a vendetta against the girls.
  She knew it was Rikka's bed.
  She thought Rikka was a library councillor.
> She left them on the bed she could reach.

> Wuthering Heights.
  Finding Your Family Crest.
  The Life of Mary Magdalene.

> Erika.

  Sorry, but I'll go with my Amitie partners.
> If you want me...

------------ The flower indicator should grow further.

> The literary club...
  I'm not in a club.

> Let's go see another club.
  You can do it, Rikka-san.

> If you do...

  You're the upperclassman the Sasakis were talking about?
> Are you friends with Yaegaki-san?

> I can play a bit of piano.
  I've never done it before.

> Fight it.
  Get it over with.

> Tell the truth.

> Italy.

> 17

> I should say something.
  I can't make myself known.

  Do nothing.
> Intervene.

> Mayuri-san.

  Tell her you're fine on your own.
> Accept her offer.

> I think your legs are nicer.
  They're not that big...

  I can't make her a geek...
> I'll get her back to normal.

  I'm probably being tricked again.
> They might really want to be friends.

> Wait.
  Leave before I run into them.

> Laugh along with them.
  Am too sad to speak.

  Then I'll try the salt.
> I like spice, so...

> I don't really read them.
  As much as the next person.

  Maybe I'll just keep my mouth shut.
> I'll point out that they're expired.

  I'm not sure.
> I think I've got it.

  Convince the two of them.
> Don't force the subject if Rikka doesn't like it.

> I'll think about it.

> Report their peeking.
  Advise them to go back now.

  Say that it's a pain in the neck to have to go.
> Ask if she likes ghost stories.

------------ The flower indicator should bloom again.

> She vanished and is hiding.
  It's a kidnapping by someone.
  It's a disappearance linked to the Seven Mysteries.

> The soda water she'd been drinking just before.
  Ringo's attitude.
  The copy of Night on the Galactic Railroad lent to Ringo.
  Why she disappeared in the early morning.

  The mistaken date of manufacture.
  The soda water she gave us.
  The unread copy of Night on the Galactic Railroad.
> The closed curtains, even though it isn't cold out.

  Rikka Hanabishi.
  Ringo Sasaki.
> Ichigo Sasaki.
  Mayuri Kohsaka

  What is the Council of Nicaea going to do?
> Will you be playing the part of the Virgin Mary?

> Narrow it down to two choices.
  Decide by authority as class president.

> Of course I'll help.
  I'll help if I have time.

  Stop Mayuri.
> Make tea for Rikka.

> The Sasakis didn't mean any harm either.
  You're being too harsh, Mayuri.

  Ask her if there is anyone else who can do it.
> Flatly refuse.

> I can say it myself.
  I'll ask you then.

  I guess I have to do it.
> I won't cause conflict for my own sake.

  Don't reply.
> Confirm.

> Drop the 'san'?
  Give each other nicknames?

  Just jogging.
> A little swimming.

  We can call her over for a bit.
> We can't interrupt her studying.

  The previous system was better.
> I think we need it.

> Believe Yaegaki.
  Believe Komikado.

------------ The flower indicator should have just fully blossomed. Keep answering correctly to make it stay that way...

  You wouldn't tattle.
> You're a coward...

> Is it to do with Yatsushiro-senpai?
  Is she going to quit?

  Yatsushiro-senpai was attacked by someone.
> Yatsushiro-senpai had an accident.

  At the gazebo.
  On the forest path with the lamps.
> In the greenhouse.
  By the cherry trees.

  She got injured when cutting cherry trees.
  She left a clue to who the culprit is by the cherry trees.
  Sakura is not the name but a nickname.
> Sakura is code for a different word.

  The soccer ball.
> The bag.
  The sports towel.
  The cooking implements.

> The Shapeshifter of the Dorms.
  The Goddess of Truth.

> I did it for Mayuri.
  I did it for Yatsushiro-senpai.

> Concentrate.
  Squeeze my right hand.

  You really think I can fix this.
> Thank you, Erika-san.

  Like a faculty member?
> Like Yatsushiro-senpai?

> I'm fine.
  I'll ask you when the time comes.

  Is that how it looks?
> No, we're not!

Bad End


Follow the choices for Rikka's Good Ending, but choose to not accept Rikka.



Rikka Hanabishi

Good End


Take the exact opposite of the choices for Mayuri's Good Ending, except that there will finally be a unique choice, to which you of course answer: "Accept Rikka"

Note that, for the sake of the "written test" part, where you can answer "Agree, Disagree, or Neither", Neither will not net you points either way, and since "Agree" always gives points towards Mayuri, "Disagree" always gives points towards Rikka.


Summary and image from the game's official site, http://flowersgame.com

Walkthrough created by @Fred the Barber

Edited by Mr Poltroon
Updated to indicate Rikka's ending is unlockable.
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