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White Violin [Demo] [Kickstarter]


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The White Violin. An instrument that hasn't been finished with a soul. A device that only resonates with certain beings. Join Luna as she finds out the mystery behind the white violin, the people in the castle, and her own self.


Download Demo







Support us on Kickstarter here!

Also on Greenlight


Hi everyone. I haven't been very active on Fuwanovel so I hope I didn't make a mistake posting here. Sorry if I did.

We released Vision of Aurora Borealis last year and I really want to thank Fuwanovel and Fuwanovel forums for helping us. This year we are trying to create a different kind of visual novel. I hope you guys will enjoy it too.

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Hey, well this was a rather bad timing to launch this campaign, the month of July and August were pretty dry for VN crowdfunding campaigns and you just had to launch it at the same time as Sekai Project's surprise ChronoClock campaign, that was unfortunate.

Anyways, have you tried to make a post on this sub-reddit? https://www.reddit.com/r/visualnovels/

Good luck, though!

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