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[FIXED] Can't get Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart game to work

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Hi everyone,

I keep getting these 2 errors every time I executing the file, shown as pic link 1 and 2. It was working before, but I don't know what happen.

After I pressed ok on both errors, it let's me select the settings to open the game; the game doesn't start though. When I chose the option for fullscreen, it gave me another error, shown as pic link 3. Then it would say program has stop working. If I chose window mode, it would just say program has working error.

Region all in Japan/Japanese.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Still gives me same error.

So, I think it might be a windows error or maybe the game. If someone have a fix or any idea, that would be great. Thanks so much! Pics are below.

Pic link 1:


Pic link 2:


Pic link 3:





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30 minutes ago, Kiriririri said:

Could be a problem with your GPU. Try changing the settings from Settings.exe.


Thanks for the reply! Nope, it's not the graphics. I applied your settings above just in case too. When I double click the game exe, it just gave me an error from pic link 1 and 2.

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Ok guys. Good news for those that had the same error as me. I found the solution.


Download their latest update from their website v1.04. Double click. the updater. install and find the directory of where you installed your game.

It took awhile before the update came out. The previous v1.03 update didn't work before. So the problem WAS due to Windows Anniversary Update which cause the game to keep crashing when opening and getting those unknown errors.

So if any games are probably experiencing this kind of situations after Windows Anniversary Update, try finding their updates from their homepage.

Hope this help you guys! Enjoy! XD


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