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Fortune Arterial Translation project

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11 hours ago, Kirashi said:

Did you translate Erika routte from scratch or only the missing lines? will you only translate erika? I think haruna is missing as well in the actual patch

We plan on going over all the translation eventually, but we've only touched the untranslated text thus far. we plan on doing all three missing routes (Erika, Haruna, and True). Hopefully it won't take too long, though real life is a bitch.

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We'd like to make the entire text of the game homogenous in terms of editing, but we'll probably focus on that stuff once we get out what's left to translate. I'm not very excited myself about doing that but I guess that it's something that had to be done eventually. Apart from that just like @Fraiziar said hopefully we don't take a shit ton of time to do this, but who knows. Right now I'm the only one translating because Fraiziar has real life shit to do, so yeah. It'll all depend on our time disposition and moods.

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Hello everyone.

I haven't checked this at all since last year. I think at least it's still alive. How's it going? Glad to hear that you're giving it an overhaul; can't say I'm pleased with my past translation.

BTW, do you need more translators atm? I'm relatively free right now and would like to offer a help if you need it. My Japanese also has improved somewhat. Probably won't make any crappy translation like before.

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