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So not only am I new to VNs, I'm new to Forums in general so... hope I'm doing this stuff right. My username says CoolioAsh, and you're welcome to call me that or Jesse. I'm umm TOTALLY 18 GUYS TOTALLY NOT ONLY ONE YEAR YOUNGER THAN THAT.  I'm pretty sure I can handle any kind of 18+ stuff thrown at me. So I guess I should get into how I started VNs. I'm new, so I only have 2. I finished all of the currently aired Fate/Stay Night shows, and I just told myself HOLY COW THE SOURCE MATERIAL MUST BE GODLY. Then I waited like a year, and then out of the blue I was like "hey wasn't I going to buy the game?" Then I bought the game. Still playing through it tho. I like reading but sometimes I have a bit of trouble imagining what the author is trying to put imagery to, so visual novels are perfect for my reading style. After that I became really addicted and found even more visual novels. The only one I own though is the Fruit of Grisaia Unrated version. Incidentally, I watched all the anime for that too. In terms of character development, I think it would be my favorite series by far. I'm interested in fantasy type vns, but really I'm open to any suggestions for future novels. I think the next VN I'll get after finishing the two I have is Clannad. By the time I'm done that, I think Little Busters will have an official English release as well as Rewrite+ so I'll get those too.


As you can clearly see, the way I make posts is just write down what I have in my head. I'm sorry that it's hard to read. I guess the questions I have are:

1. What visual novels do you recommend (including eroge, really looking forward to that stuff)?

2. Are there any other major VN communities on the internet besides on reddit?

3. What's your personal favorite VN?

4. How did you get into VNs?


k i think i'm done.

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Hello , its nice to meet you , i hope you have a great time here, and about your questions.

1- i am not really good at telling people what they should read, sorry.

2-I believe there is no other major vn communities , but maybe i am wrong. (Forgot about VNDB , silly me :sacchan:

3-Its Fata morgana no Yakata (https://vndb.org/v12402).

4-I started reading visual novels around November or October of 2012 , i believe the first vn that i read was princess waltz.

Thank you for reading this.


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Steins;Gate - Time travel shenanigans gone wrong

White Album 2 - Seriously fucked up 2-parted romance drama. first part has been adapted to an excellent anime that exceeds the source material in terms of quality.

Angel Beats - A VN set in the afterlife

2. VNDB.org exists.

3. White Album 2. (Story has nothing to do with White Album 1)

4. After watching Angel Beats I heard of Key's other works which included Little Busters, so I tried that out.



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Welcone to Fuwanovel. Hope you had fun here. To answer your questions

1. There's a lot, but I would recommend Yoake and ToHeart 2 for lighearted one. Koichoco and Princess Evangile also good. If you in favor of heavier story, then Root Double and Tokyo Babel (If you didn't mind gameplay then Seinarukana). Hope it'll help you.

2. There's VNDB and Erogegames.com if you speak about VN Community.

3. Hard question there because it tends to change. Last time I answer Seinarukana back at June.

4. Back at 2009 I play Succubuss Soon nukige here (I got it from my friend). Then my friend gave me Shuffle and Kira Kira, and find it was quite good. Didn't knew that I could download more VN, until I'd find some site at 2011. The rest is history.

Last word here, hope you enjoy yoursrlf.

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Welcome to the forum, and have fun.

As for recommendations,

the Muv luv series is good one it consists of three games and with that is pretty darn long.
The first game is kind of meh, but necessary to understand it all. the second game is okay and also necessary to understand it all. The third game is fate stay night levels of good.



Tsukihime is also a good recommendation for you as its from the same company that made fate stay night and just as good.
It has one problem, well sort of. Its old and the artwork is kind of bad also has no voice. If you can live with that its great.



Maijkoi, kind of like grisaia in terms of characters.


If your interested in a gameplay visual novel, you could try out Eien no aselia and utawarerumono.

Or if you are looking for some interesting 18+ stuff you can look into monster girl quest.


2. has already been answered, its basically vndb and erogedownload/games.

3. My personal favourite, I dont think i really have one but more like a couple and about half of them i mention above :).

4. Koihime musou was my first vn and i still enjoy it, also kind of how i got into vn. My second one was fate stay night.

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Hello and welcome to the Fuwa forums, let's get started with the questions then: 

  1.  For recommendations : 

    Coμ - Kuroi Ryuu to Yasashii Oukoku - , Princess Evangile , Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! ( there's many more I'd recommend but I'll stick to three for now)

  2. There are some but not really as big I believe (does VNDB count as one?).

  3. My personal favorite is: Coμ - Kuroi Ryuu to Yasashii Oukoku -

  4. I got into Visual Novels by searching on the internet for anime (was a really big anime watcher and fan back then, still kinda am) and other stuff and ending up stumbling across Katawa Shoujo, It captivated me so I did some research then downloaded it and the rest is history.    

Hope you have a great time here and that you enjoy whichever vn you choose to play.


Have a neko: 


Best of luck and see you around.


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1. What else is better to recomend than my favorite VN? So https://vndb.org/v3126 . It s also good for you, if you are into fantasy. Or just go for Steins;Gate

2. Already answered by others

3. Everlasting summer

4. I somehow ended up playing a VN when i was looking for hentai :makina:

And ofc, welcome to the forum

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