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Hey all, trying to extract the text for Astronaut's 2006 Nukige 'Erect!' and I'm running into some issues (I'm not super tech savvy)

The game files are .gxp which I was able to extract using AnimED, but inside the bincode.gxp file is a moacode.mwb file.  Looking at the Hex it's obvious that's where all of the dialogue for the game goes, but I can't figure out how to unpack it.  I saw in an older data extraction thread here that their later games use the .mwb as a zlib file... but I tried using some zlib tools to unpack it and seems like it's not a zlib file in this game.  Anyone smarter than me want to take a look at it?

Not sure how to attach files on Fuwanovel so I made a link for it:


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