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(DEAD) Hanasaki Work Spring! Translation Project. Second attempt.

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7 minutes ago, Aizen-Sama said:

I'll sum this up real quick. We've received an indirect C&D and we have been asked to stop the translation of the game for reasons I can't mention.

This project has been hereby dropped.

I'm sorry to the people who were waiting for the release of this game but nothing can be done about it, since we could be involving ourselves in legal issues if we were to continue and we don't want that.


Sorry to hear that Aizen, still we appreciate the attempt and effort you guys put into it. Nothing can be done when things reach this sort of stage and it's not worth getting into legal trouble for it.

Best of luck on your next project if you decide to pick a different one. :sachi: 

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1 hour ago, Kirashi said:

Ans that's why I still think the best way is to hold a project as secret...

true, at least when you already got yourself a team together. but in this case, or what i might have got out of how aizen worded it, think it would have resulted in them doing a translation someone else is officially also.
might be completely wrong and whatsnot about it, but a indirekt c&d?...  but ... nah, not wanting to start speculating here, simply hope the team finds themselves another title they´d enjoy working on.

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10 hours ago, Aizen-Sama said:

for reasons I can't mention

Hmm, i'm thinking maybe an there is potential for an official release in the distant? or there's talks or a plan to talk with the makers of hws for a potential partnership? . Well almost anything is possible, its okay though, i understand that you can't say anything about it. I'm guessing for the fun of it :wahaha:.

Anyway  good job attempting to get this project done, it can't be helped that it has to be stopped now given the reason. Good luck with your other projects, hope you don't run into similar issues. I for one appreciate that you guys attempt to complete these projects. 

You'll try, that's a good enough reason to be grateful for your efforts. 


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