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Otakon speculation and discussion thread


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They've bit off far more than they can chew, if you draw up a list of all the projects they've aqquired and made public knowledge - they have so much they have to handle, I'm actually starting to feel skeptical they will be able to deliver.


I admit I'm kinda curious about the Nekopara anime though :sachi:

I'm mainly curious to see what MG has to offer, they've been providing some interesting stuff the last couple years.


@Nosebleed Well, at the very least - a large source of the antagonistic behavior that was within SP should be gone now - so they might actually be able to keep damage control to a safe level. :makina:

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14 minutes ago, sanahtlig said:

Sekai Project continues to string fans along while keeping them in the dark about their actual intentions. Typical Sekai Project. I kind of expected this after dovac contacted me on Twitter just to gripe at me.

I don't think I can continue to give this company the benefit of the doubt.

They've pretty much spent up all the goodwill I had left for them as well. We'll have news at or before AX they said, and here we are at the con after that and still nothing. 

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