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Venus Blood -Empire- Interface Translation Project

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Name: Venus Blood -Empire- English Interface Patch
Version: 1.0
Date: 7/21/2016
Author: MandatoryUsername
Requirements: Venus Blood -Empire- v1.20 by Dual Tail & Ninetail
    Official - http://ninetail.tk/td08/VenusBlood-EMPIRE-.html
    VNDB - https://vndb.org/v5445
    Getchu - http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=690065&gc=gc
    Random Patch 1.20 mirror - http://holyseal.net/cgi-bin/mlistview.cgi?prdcode=9765
    Japanese wiki - http://wikiwiki.2-d.jp/venusblood-empire-/


Game Description


There is an empire controlled by devils. They have an epic battle against "five countries of virtue," but the battle never seems to end because of a barrier between two sides created by goddesses. One day, a group of devils successfully destroys the barrier and invades their enemy. However, no one knows yet that this attack will be the trigger of a devastating war...

[From Eroge Shop] [From VNDB]

Patch Description
A mostly functional patch for the interface of Venus Blood -Empire-. This patch does not translate the story, only most everything else.

After being delayed nearly a month due to a series of computer failures, the patch is finally out. A similar warning to before, I am not at all proficient in Japanese and accuracy of translation is not guaranteed. That being said, far more effort went into the translation than just blindly copying and pasting the output of google translate. In particular, I'm rather confident that I got most of the mythological references right. The general breakdown of mythological references in the game seemed to be about 80% Irish, 10% Norse, and %10 other. Much more effort was made this time to format the text, though there are a few places where some overlap was unavoidable without a serious redesign, such as with skill names.

Like in Venus Blood Desire, I have included the translations of the story choices in separate patch(patch4.xp3). These translations are likely less accurate. And if you are having trouble through some combination of opaque choices, a lack of context, or inaccurate translation, I have included an alternate version that also displays the results of the choices right next to the choice to remove any guesswork.

Also, a heads up if want to play Venus Blood Desire after playing this game. I'll probably be working on bringing my Desire patch up to the same quality as this one over the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for that.

If you have any corrections, suggestions, bug reports, or whatever, feel free to post them.


The interface patch is complete at version 1.0, barring any updates. If anyone wants to make a full translation patch, I'd be happy to help them.

1.0, 7/21/2016 - Initial release.

Download Links


Edit: fixed links.

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1 minute ago, sanahtlig said:

I might be able to TLC the basic menu options for you. I've played every Venus Blood game since Empire and am currently playing Hypno. Not sure what else you translated that could be worth checking.

By all means. I don't know how exactly you want to go about it, but if there is any thing you need not in the patch files, just let me know.  Pretty much every bit of text not part of the ADV sequences is translated.

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3 minutes ago, MandatoryUsername said:

By all means. I don't know how exactly you want to go about it, but if there is any thing you need not in the patch files, just let me know.  Pretty much every bit of text not part of the ADV sequences is translated.

Do you have a spreadsheet with the Japanese and then the English translation?  Better yet, a Google Doc?  I could probably work with that.  Screenshots of the Japanese menu screens would also be helpful.

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