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Koiken Otome Spoiler-ish question

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Okay, with the release of the translation patch (Thank you, FlyingPantsu team), and me who had played the prologue, I wanna ask those who already has finished the game in Japanese, will Seichii get better at solo queuing or will he stay as a defenseless support?   

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Sorry for the late response, just finished it today.

In case someone who hasn't read it yet ends up here I'll put the answer in a spoiler tag.


He grows a lot in strength during the routes and can fight well with his sword when he has to, but no, he does NOT learn how to use his powers outside of a support role. That is all he can use them for.

During Yuzu's route there is a bit of a unique use for it, but he still doesn't graduate from his support role even there :P


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