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Favorite character breakdown?

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should i say "Favorite"? they're usually pretty depressing.

beware as they contain spoilers !


Luffy (one piece)


Light (death note)


Asuka (Neon genesis evangelion)

I apologize if it sounds too cliche, but what's your favorite, or one that you felt most sorry for, anime and/or manga character breakdown?

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Good thread but there's no way I can pick. Over 20 years of anime... Yeah no way

That's true... though I haven't watched anime as long as you...

So I can probably name some..

My MAL fave character list is old as hell.

For any case, I'll give this thread my answer..

1. Henge, Ryuuto (---------)

2. Katsuragi, Keima (TWGOK)

3. Izumi, Konata (Lucky Star)

Lock-In, Final Answer.. XD

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The Asuka scene in the Directors Cut of NGE in which

she literally gets mind raped

might still be my favorite character breakdown. It's the only part of the show I'd rather watch in English because its so well done and directed.

Bokurano had plenty of these moments as well, so I'm not going into detail, but many of them were very painful to watch.

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Griffith from Berserk.

His fall from grace was a really steep one. He was so close to becoming King and marrying Princess Charlotte. But then he impulsively decides to seduce her in despair over losing Guts. He gets caught, and from that moment forward is imprisoned and horribly tortured beyond recognition as a punishment for stealing her virginity.


Edit: (W00T! finally 100 posts. In comparison to everyone else 100 posts seems to be nothing at all. But it's a small tradition of mine to exclaim with joy when I reach this feat on any forums).

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My top 5

Taiga number 1 always

Taiga will always be my number one. I love her character not much else to say to be honest. hard to explain but i can relate to her in some ways aswell which i think makes her that little more special than other chars aka Clannad Chars


Natsu + Lisanna

Not much to say again Natsu is the most inspirational dude in anime history, in my opinion. Neva thought a fighting / martial arts anime will have me choke back emotions lol. I love Lucy and Natsu together but Lisanna and Natsu is destiny :P/>


Tomoyo x Tomoya

Clannad, My Fav Anime, Although i love Nagisa These 2 just seem to fit soooo much better and i kinda wish that they where the intended hero / heroin of the story.


Visual Novel - Lilly - Katawa Shoujou

I love Lily since she is just so Mature but at the same time a big kid. Out of all the arcs ( except maybe Hanako ) i felt that Lilly + Hisao just fit together like pieces of a puzzle. Pure and True Love


Game - Judith - Tales of Vesperia

Judith hehe She is awesome she spits out alot of innuendo / mature related puns and most of the time its to tease members of the party :P/> just love her.


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