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Looking for a new VN to read

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Hey guys I have been looking for a new VN for a while now and nothing has really caught my interest.

I thought I would come here and ask for some recommendations.

Here is a list of VN's I have read just recommend some titles you think I would enjoy based off of these I guess.

Preferably the VN should be 100% translated or at least close to it and 18+ (Not really mandatory) also PC games only please.

Thanks for your help. 


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There's no ratings apart from "hoshimemo sucks" - so it's a bit hard to recommend based on what you like without some sort of top to bottom list or "something similar to FSN" as an example.

Should check out the sticky 50 translated VN you should read before you die Thread

Go and read the summary off vndb for those VNs and that should give you a fair idea - avoid the slice of life ones if that's the bit in hoshimemo which pains you.

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1 minute ago, Aniki said:


It's practically a visual novel. A great read with great art and music.

How did you find the gameplay in this was it interesting?


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On 7/6/2016 at 9:31 AM, Rose said:

Ayakashibito and One Thousand Lies.

So I just finished One Thousand Lies. Thanks a lot for the recommendation it was a great VN the only problem I have with it is that the ending felt kind of unsatisfying and had a lot of loose ends. Ah nvm that, apparently if you scroll over the extra part of the title added when completing the game an extra chapter is unlocked.

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