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When I opened Fuwanovel sometime after Tay's "scientific" experiment I happened to notice something was off. After extensive research I came to the conclusion a couple of posts are missing. This is clearly a problem with the site and I am, therefore, making a thread in the section of the forum dedicated to "Reporting Site Problems".

I have, however, another problem. Tay has yet to make his typical thread telling all Fuwans to panic and riot, and this is rather alarming. Without Tay's thread I feel completely lost and terrified. It's horrible. I'm about to panic here.
I sincerely ask that a thread be made post-haste indicating who we should blame (clearly Nosebleed*), why, how, where, when, and teaching us how to panic and riot properly.

That is all. Fixing the rollback is entirely optional.


*Nosebleed has claimed he isn't to blame. While this is clearly suspect, an addendum shall be added as a show of good faith. This is said addendum.

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7 minutes ago, ChaosRaven said:

The forum somehow fits very good to the VN genre. In regulars intervals there's a time loop that sends you straight back to the past to let you start from scratch... <_<

It gets boring after a while :amane:

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From nayleen himself: 



nope, dunno what Tay did, but he fucked with the god-given order (e.g. my setup) of thngs and everything broke down in a fantastic fashion

dunno just wtf he did, but if I'm finding a separate webserver installation as well as an outdated PHP version that I sure as hell did not install and everything starts breaking down when doing something really simple I'm just like "fuck this shit" and roll back, and probably won't do shit until I've at least had a proper day of rest in between work and trying again


So now we know, set pitch forks to full power, and aim them at Tay! He's betrayed us! He secretly wants us destroyed!!! 

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