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Mr Poltroon

"Link Tool" in Text Editor Automatically Removes Symbols

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Let us initiate an experiment that should demonstrate the problem at hand.


When I try linking a word, I highlight the word and then use the "Link" button in the text editor. Thus:




Now let us try the same with Fish & Chips.

Fish & Chips




What happened? Presumably, symbols such as '&' cause some issue with the link tool.
Here's some material evidence:

(1)  (2)


Why is this a problem? I hate Fish. Fish & Chips are good, but just Fish is unpalatable.
Plz Fix.




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25 minutes ago, Tay said:

Note to staff: Order 1788 is still in effect, which reads:


I must commend this site's administration: They truly are prepared for anything.
As I have a precedent of reporting glaring and important issues with the Forum, even the Staff Orders accommodate for my future efforts at improving this Forum we all love.

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Things remain incredibly broken. Allow me to showcase:


"Tay  plz."
When looking at this sentence, the keen eye may notice there's not one, but two spaces between the 'y' and the 'p'. However, this is too much for the Link Tool to handle.

When I try to link "Tay  plz.", it becomes "Tay  plz."
The same monstrosity does not morph into existence were I to instead opt for "Tay plz." without the troublesome fiend that is the extra space. Look: "Tay plz."


Tay plz.

Edited by Tiagofvarela
Tay plz.

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