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On 11/8/2016 at 7:32 AM, Zenophilious said:

Just played Sombra in the PTR...she's got 200 HP.  Good news is that if you get the jump on her, she's really easy to kill.  Her gun does more damage than I expected, though, and her invisibility gives her more movement speed, which is kinda stupid, IMO.  Her CDs might need to be messed with so failing to play correctly is more punishing, especially her invisibility, which is only a 6 second CD.

Her invis needs the speed buff to even be useful though, she is supposed to be used as a flanker, as such you need that mov speed buff to be able to get behind the enemy team while invis and while your teleporter is still up, basically it's a poke-y combo. Like I think that she is pretty easy and straight forward to play, but her cooldowns reinforce that combo, you're baically gonna drop a tp, use invis and get behind the enemy team to poke a bit if you can't kill a squishy and tp back to safety, then rinse and repeat. If you mess with the CDs too much she will have too much time of little to no solo action, something flankers like reaper and tracer excel as. I mean I still find tracer much harder to play against since sombra loses part of her invisibility if she gets too close to an enemy hero.

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The most notable thing to come out of the Sombra patch wasn't Sombra herself, but all the balance changes. Reduced ultimate charge means that Mei and Reinhardt get a little worse, since they could ult every 2 minutes and Symmetra gets shoved down the drain even further. 

Also, Soldier 76 is so good now. Holy fuck, try him out if you haven't yet.

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Soldier 76 was on my do not play list since I was shit at him. Now he's on my I can play him if i have to list because he's gotten better to the point I am not complete shit at him. 

I've been trying out the new Symmetra changes on the PTR and it looks like she is going to need to be nerfed a bit. The ability to quickly move nests around is great though and I like her second ult but the new ability doesn't seem like it's going to do a whole lot although (and I haven't tested it yet) if she can block dva's bomb similar to reinhardt's shield it could be useful for blocking certain ults. It's difficult to judge how symmetra will be with other characters at the moment. She does seem significantly better though.

Oasis the new Map is expected on the PTR in december and audio files for an xmas event and music have been found in the recent patch so we can probably expect a holiday event come either the first or second tuesday of december.

As Mei is one my Meins the reduced ult charge is not horribly significant. Hell I barely notice.

Sombra on the other hand is a really interesting character. While the majority of people I've seen play her are absolute garbage with her she is a defensive beast. If you play her ignore doing damage unless you can group up and get an enemy alone and then quickly teleport away. She is best when hacking and stopping ults but extremely squishy so you always need to be ready to make a quick exit and stay invisible as often as possible and sneak behind the enemy team. 

Not bad overall quite a bit coming for overwatch in the near future.


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6 hours ago, Nobody~~ said:

Oh how lovely, people are saying you're getting placed way down from what you were before, that true?

Yes and it hits people who were in Platinum and Gold really hard. I was at diamond 3002 in season 2 and after fucking up my placements, I was shot down to 2850, so I assume Diamonds are mostly safe. At least safer than plats and golds.

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I generally play Junkrat, Mei, Tracer, Lucio, and am very mediocre at tanking. I like trying everything though although I am definitely better at junkrat than the others...depending on the map. 

Overwatch just announced a new Tank Hero: Orisa. Initial impressions I've been getting in matches is that she has a sexy voice? Yeah haven't received too much legit feedback. She's pretty powerful for a new tank. A lot of people seem to like her...she's easier to kill with junkrat and doesn't actually get frozen by Mei's freeze gun so is a good counter to a number of heroes...she also can pull a few heroes out of stationary mode. I predict she'll be quite useful as time goes on.  If any of you want to play I'm pretty sure I'm still kyrt there.


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On 19/02/2017 at 5:02 AM, Nuka said:

Who is still playing and what heroes? I have gotten extremely hooked on this game recently :yumiko:

Got a comp group from my old WoW guild and playing mostly Mercy. But also D.Va and Mei.

Funny since I'm a main D.Va since day one who became a Mei addict and actually on Mercy rampage (I've played her for like 15 hours straight these past days with like 30min of other heroes).

In general, I'm totally a tank player (I can play every tank other than Roadhogg), but playing only Mercy recently is refreshing.

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