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Welcome to the Fuwanovel Overwatch Group!

The purpose of this group is to get members of the community together to play, discuss and above all enjoy this game and its universe.

Are you with us?




We also now have a Skype Group to make it easier to chat about the game and so we can make group calls to speak to each other in game.

Members so far:

Name                      |Skype             |Battle.net

Chrispzt                   Chrispzt           Christoss#2329

Jptje                          Jptje                  Jptje#2568

Mads                       lord_zouk         Kawasumi#2365

TexasDice               texas_dice        TexasDice#2490

Tahu                                                   Tahu#1265

Flutterz                                              Flutterz#1165

Kyrt                                                     Kyrt#11936

Vongalaxy             Vongalaxy

Cryingwestern                                  WeepingWest#1753

Zenophilious                                     Zenophilious#1998

Nebjula                                              Nebula#2865

DarkZedge                                        DarkZedge#2548


Contact anyone in the group to get invited. Don't forget to send us your battle tag if you want to be added on battle.net.

Important note: As players are in different regions it is recommended that you add us on the Americas region. You can decide which server to log into when logging into battlenet or ou can ust join Americas by choosing your server on the Overwatch page but then you'd have to add us in game.


Latest information

Newest Hero added:


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14 minutes ago, TexasDice said:

Oh, we all need to be in the same server region or friends/groups don't work. Don't know where you are, but the request didn't come through.

I'd say we go Americas. EDIT: my skype is texas_dice


Random Mei picture:

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I'm on EU but I don't mind going on NA every now and again to play.

@tahu157 I'll add you.

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