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Favorite BGM/soundtrack of a Visual Novel

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I know I'm very late here, but better late than never. Here's the song from Hinata's route in Ginharu because we have Hinata's patch as New Year prize from Tsurezure, so enjoy.

Dreamy Dreamy

Himawari (Natsuki's Ending Song)

From what I hear the first song here is sounds like Natsuki's first song while her ending song is sounded like Runa's ending song, which to be fair make sense seeing that the songs are composed by the same person. In any case, I like the Himawari more here because it's more calm though of course both songs are good in each of their own way. The singer for both songs is Kicco, who also sang Runa's ending song along with HGB opening and Tayutama duology opening. Other thing to note is that looks like she sang mostly for Lump of Sugar VNs (Including the afirementioned HGB and Tayutama duology).

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