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Favorite BGM/soundtrack of a Visual Novel

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Decided to post Misa's songs from Hoshiori here, because we finally got Misa's patch. The first song of hers is 'Sailing', in which it sort of functioning as Misa's first ending song too (ie Misa's school arc ending). Enjoy.

What I can say is that 'Sailing' here is quite unique, because out of six first heroines songs only Misa's first song that did served as credit song that rolled when Misa's school arc ended and only Misa's route that did have school arc ending credit (A short one though). Although perhaps it'll be more fitting though, because it's telling of how Misa's will sailing to her dream in which it'll be elaborated in her after story. Speaking of after story, here's her second ending song 'Set Course to Future' below in which it's also serve as Misa's after story ending credit song and her overall ending song below:

As for the singer for both of first and second Misa's endings song it's the same person as well just like Marika's, and in this case the singer is Rino aka CooRie who's been responsible for composing several soundtrack and also more well known for sang Da Capo franchise vocal songs.

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Everything made by Key has had an incredible soundtrack, and I think they are some of the best in the medium. I'm also a huge fan of the Euphoria soundtrack, and another one of my favorites is the IMHHW soundtrack. I'd say my all time favorite is Clannad though. I associate so many emotional moments with those tracks, and it's one of my favorite soundtracks ever across any medium. It's not Hans Zimmer, but it's still fantastic.

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