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[GIGA,2000]Baldr Bullet and Baldr Bullet Trial Edition ~Survival Version~


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First time TLing a VN (also solo atm) so please forgive me not knowing too many things about this.

Project Introduction

Originally started off TLing the regular edition, found out there is a trial edition, figured why not TL the trial first?

Baldr Bullet Trial Edition ~Survival Version~ https://vndb.org/v306 which is the official Taiwan traditional Chinese trial edition. For more info, check this review written in 2004. http://www.gamefaqs.com/pc/917206-baldr-bullet/reviews/68908 T48fsJE.gif  Images and videos at bottom.


Since it is just the trial edition, there are only 5 tutorials (only 127 lines in total), the exe and the UI images to be TLed (though unfortunately I don't know how to do the last one).

The tutorial scripts files are done. Basically need editing and should be good to go (ignoring the UI images). 

The regular edition though, is a tough one. For some reasons, random errors/crashes are generated if the byte length of the script file exceeds certain byte (for instance, 36 byte for the intro.scr). This made TLing much more difficult as it usually takes more words and bytes to convey the same meaning in English than in Chinese (the release I TL). As you can image, I have to shrink the lines (which is painful for me to do as I tend to keep every meaning) also making the writing less appealing. After a mouth of trying though, I found that I can edit the game exe to shorten the names like 蕾貝卡:「 to a single fullwidth R, effectively saving 8 bytes each time a character speaks, hopefully will relieve the stress to shrink the text.


Editor for the trial edition (only 127 lines). Comment on the sheet and/or reply here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1t7NiTWLtAOiRNPKDgGhc_FiRfeR2Gm14k6H8NCLt_kY/edit?usp=sharing

Anyone who knows how to edit .grp files (the UI images). In hex mode, the file signature reads gr2. CRASS can extract the images to bmp but I have no idea how to compile them back to grp (gr2) files.

English Windows users. I use traditional Chinese Windows so need help to test how the text will be shown in a English Windows. <-Maybe a closed beta?

Extra relevant information

Again, first time doing TLing so not sure if this Google Sheets distributed approach is a way to go OR should just stick with the good old dedicated members approach.

Previous (kind of outdated) thread Editing Giga Baldr Bullet .grp files (standing picture) and .scr files (script)

Images and videos





And a gameplay video I made some time ago, skip to 6:40 for the gameplay part. For more exciting actions, check the one below (not by me). Baldr Bullet Revellion is the cosmetic remake of Baldr Bullet released in 2006.


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