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Story Behind Your Current Avatar


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My online persona is 'Forgetful Frank' so that's the reason for the 'FF' and my logo I designed for it is simply the 'FF' inside a circle. The reason for the colours is because as a kid, I greatly enjoyed watching Dragon Ball Z while it was first airing in the UK, so I somewhat mimicked my logo to resemble a Dragon Ball, kind of. :miyako:

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My current avatar is a fanart of the character Tattletale of the web serial Worm. She's a thinker-class superhuman with the power that is basically "Sherlock Holmes, on steroid, hooked to an IV of Red Bull". She can figure out people's password with a glance 


Tattletale bent down and looked at the device that hung around Cherish’s neck. “Small explosive, combination lock. A bit paranoid?"

“No such thing as too paranoid,” Cherish said, glaring. [...]

“Can’t have that,” Tattletale said. Changing the topic, she asked, “You like computers?”

“Computers?” Cherish startled. She seemed to intuit what Tattletale was doing. “Not saying.”

“Clever girl, but even that’s enough of a clue. Let’s see… four, five, four five.” Tattletale tugged on the lock. “Nope. Three, seven, three, seven.”

The lock popped open. Cherish’s eyes opened wide.

And generally doing all kind of bullshit deductions.

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