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Story Behind Your Current Avatar


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I'm very bored, and suddenly I got the idea. The idea would be how about some member here tell his/her story about their current avatar or if it's from anime tell us who is the character and from what anime. Of course if you take it from VN, you should tell what VN and the character is. Let me start from mine as example here.

About mine, the character name was Nadja Applefield from 2003 anime Ashita no Nadja. The story was very simple from the premise. It was like our heroine Nadja here thought she was orphan, until she find a clue of the possibility if her mother was still alive, and from there she was going on a journey to find her mother.

Well, had fun here and if your avatar was your creation, tell us about it here.

PS - If this thread was not fitting here, any mod may move it to the Coliseum of Chatter section, and if in the past there's already this kind of thread, any mod may joined this thread with old thread.

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I like this idea. :sacchan: 


My current avatar is Amagi Sakuya from Otome ga Irodoru Koi no Essence.

I found this game a few weeks ago from using the "random VN" button on VNDB, and thought the cast of characters looked interesting. Read up a bit on it and decided to get the game. (A trap in a school with a bunch of hot girls? What's not to love!)

Honestly, the only reason I picked her as my avatar was because she was hot. Kind of a shallow reason, but ... meh. Her eyes got to me. So pretty :wafuu:

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Mine it's from berserk, I've been using it since I registered in the forum.
Spoilers ahead xD
You can see Guts and Casca  (Gattsu and Kyasuka or whatever you want to call them xD) at some point both of them get in some serious shit (they are lovers at that point), those events destroy casca's sanity and she regress to being a baby in her mind to repress them, Gattsu doesn't give up and still takes care of her all the time, you can say she is the only person in the whole world that he treats really well even if she behaves like a baby.
The picture is fan made but it's awesome and really emotional, I chose it because I love berserk and I love Guts, even if everything sucks in his life from the day he was born he keeps fighting and doesn't give up.
And yes go read berserk because it's fucking awesome.(the anime and movies don't do justice to it)

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Mine's from a hentai manga called Hanafuda, and the character is a magical fox trying to turn itself into a human, hence the weird look

I think it's extremely good for such a short manga (112 pages), although I am biased because I freaking love everything Okama does. It's a unique experience, that much i can guarantee



Also, sorry I linked to the Fakku store page, but it's the only page that has any useful information on it.

I-it's not like I'm trying to plug it or anything, geez. Some people...


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When the Musumaker translation project thread was started, the team consisted of two people. The other guy made an avatar from a screenshot of Musumaker, so I figured it would make sense to do the same. Failing to get a decent screenshot, I ended up fetching an image from DigitalCute's homepage (the company behind Musumaker). They have avatars of all the main heroines for people to use. They meant it to be used on twitter, but the resolution matched the fuwa requirements almost perfectly.

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Sounds like an excuse to just talk about yourself... I'm game. It's the Mysterious Heroine X, super edgy and no one knows her true identity. (I really like Blue Saber in a hat, makes me feel like I'm not giving away TOO much information, while at the same time showing off something I really like.)

5 hours ago, Chronopolis said:

Avatar's Eusurize(エウスリーゼ) from Gurenka , more commonly known as Rize( リーゼ ).  She's fairly powerful and has a serious personality, yet is considerate to others, even normal humans.

I like her already.

8 hours ago, Dark_blade64 said:

Mine is a reference to a certain boss you met while playing kirby.

...Nova, that guy with the protractor sticking out of him? ...Darkness as a ball? The sun and moon boss from Nightmare in Dreamland?

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Well my current avatar is simply an HD remake of my original one, which was from Fire Emblem 4 (an snes game). He was only a secondary character, but I really enjoyed his time in the story, as limited as it was.

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